Helmet Full-Face Arai Quantic Frost Black

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Helmet Full-Face Arai Quantic Frost Black
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The Quantic outer shell is made using the PB e-cLc construction technique which has allowed us to reduce its weight, without compromising the absorption performance of the helmet. In addition, the additional perimeter reinforcement in Super Fiber allowed us to further strengthen the shell, also creating a practical support base for the positioning of any intercom system. The new VAS (Variable Axis System) visor system allows the positioning of the external supports 24 mm lower than the previous version, making the temple area even smoother and more resistant to maximize the helmet's ability to deflect energy without generating dangerous rotational forces . The base of the shell has also been widened by 5 mm to facilitate the fit of the helmet, even with glasses.

With the VAS system, the position of the visor mechanism is lowered, offering an average of 24mm of extra space in the temple area, in search of an ideal shape as smooth and round as possible that increases the ability to divert energy. This results in a larger portion of the shell being smoother and more durable along and above the Snell standard test line.


The Quantic ventilation system consists of 13 air intakes: 7 in input and 6 in emission. The brand new air intake integrated in the Arai 3D Logo (optimized for low speed ventilation), the new chin guard air intake, the Tear-Ducts derived from the air intakes used in F1 and the rear extractor spoiler inherited from RX-7V Racing ensure a constant air flow inside the shell and an efficient extraction of hot air from the back of the shell.

Double Tear Duct in intake

Directly inherited from the F1 race fields, the Tear Duct vents are extremely compact and can be opened or closed easily thanks to moving them forward or backward, also to prevent the entry of water inside the helmet in case of rain.

Impossible not to notice it. The new air intake integrated within the 3D Arai Logo (only 3.5 mm thick) houses two ventilation channels of 10mm each. It is the first time for Arai. This solution was in fact made possible by the exceptional resistance of the PB-e cLc shell. The operation of this new system is optimized to ensure maximum air supply even at speeds below 50 km / h and can be easily opened or closed even when wearing gloves thanks to the practical mechanism positioned in the upper part. As usual, this protusion is specially made to be removed in the event of an impact in order not to generate jamming or dangerous rotational forces.

The new configuration of the chin guard air intake has allowed us to further increase the flow of air inside the shell. It can operate in 3 different modes (open, closed or half open) and contains a replaceable sponge filters impurities inside.

Fresh air can enter directly into the forehead area and temples without the need to drill holes in this critical area of ​​the shell and in the shockproof coating.

In addition to optimizing aerodynamics, the rear spoiler allows you to operate on the three rear extractors derived from RX-7V positioned below it. These have been optimized for touring use but also tested in Suzuka at over 300km / h.

The rear spoiler is an integral part of the Quantic ventilation system but is also able to regulate the air flow (top and side) that surrounds the helmet, reducing the typical buffetting of motorway overtaking phases with the result of less fatigue neck muscles. It is also designed to be as thin and light as possible so that it can be easily removed in the event of an impact without generating dangerous jamming.

To improve the escape of hot air from the inside. Increases the effect of ventilation in the lower part of the helmet.

They create low pressure behind the rear ventilation hole for better extraction of hot air. Integrated into the shell for improved aerodynamics, they reduce noise and avoid vibrations due to speed. Inside, a small foam rubber barrier helps absorb and reduce excessive noise, without compromising the effectiveness of ventilation.


The interior of Quantic has been made of brushed Nylon using the padding of Profile-V and RX-7V as a reference. Designed completely from scratch, they are designed to facilitate and maximize the air flow of the ventilation system inside the helmet as well as to ensure maximum comfort even after numerous uses. Inner cap and cheek pads are also removable, washable and customizable in various millimeters for a perfect fit.

The cheek pads can be easily removed. All interiors (even non-removable ones) can be washed with warm water and neutral soap. Rinse well after washing and never dry in direct sunlight or near heat sources. All removable interiors can be customized with different sizes / thicknesses to adapt perfectly to the user's head.

Integrated communication systems are very popular, but the problem is often that the space for the speakers is limited or simply not there, thus causing annoying pressure points on the ears. Equipped with special pockets for the speakers, offering space for installation without compromising comfort or fit. (Speakers not included).

To offer a further improved fit and increase comfort in the jaw area, the Facial Contour System (FCS) uses a foam support in the cheek pads that maximizes adherence, providing the necessary support without exerting excessive pressure.

Arai's “Peel Away” temple pads offer the option of adding a 5mm thickness if needed.


ECE R22-06

It is the most common approval at an international level, requested in more than 50 countries in the world.

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