Helmet Jet Arai URBAN-V Frost Black

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Arai URBAN-V jet helmet with ECE 22-05 approved visor
Original Product Arai
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ECE / UN 22-05

Please Note:
The approval is valid only for the countries of the European Union



The Open Face Arai Urban-V combines the design and style of a vintage helmet, with the cutting-edge level of protection, comfort and ventilation you expect from Arai. No detail has been left to chance, such as the eco-leather finishes with visible stitching and the classic embroidered interiors, but equipped with modern technical features capable of ensuring the maximum in terms of protection and comfort, such as a more resistant outer shell. and an invisible ventilation system integrated inside the shell.


Outer shell: PB-cLc2 (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction)

The Arai Peripheral Belt patent, inherited directly from the F-1 helmets, greatly increases the strength and flexibility of the shell, while maintaining a low weight and an extremely low center of gravity. Located immediately above the visor opening, this reinforcement allows us to create a thinner EPS, improving the field of vision. To complete the Super Fiber Laminate, a "mechanically expanded" fiber is used which helps to reinforce and fix the various Super Fiber layers, without adding weight. The resins of the new "Z-Mixture" formulation allow the use of a greater quantity of fiber with the same resistance and rigidity, allowing us to create an outer shell that is even lighter and thinner, without compromising safety.


Urban-V Ventilation

The air enters from three channels positioned in the front part, flows through the shell absorbing the heat to escape from the Venturi-effect extraction system housed on the Neck-Pad.

Integrated ventilation system

It allows the passage of air inside the shell, directing it through the special holes integrated in the EPS, towards the Venturi effect extractor.

Front ventilation

Input channels integrated into the interior

The three inlet channels integrated into the front area, have been inherited directly from our Racing range, allow fresh air to enter the helmet and circulate more easily up to the top of the head.

Rear ventilation

Venturi effect extractor

It creates a low pressure zone in the back of the shell, forcing the extraction of hot air through the vents thanks to the Venturi effect.


Interior in antibacterial material

They help maintain a neutral acidity level similar to that of human skin and have deodorant properties. For a more comfortable and smoother fit we have developed an even more delicate lining material. The interiors are also equipped with removable micro-padding on the temples and cheeks to further customize the fit.

Interchangeable internal cheek pads

The cheek pads can be easily removed. All interiors (even non-removable ones) can be washed with warm water and neutral soap. Rinse well after washing and never dry in direct sunlight or near heat sources. All removable interiors can be customized with different sizes / thicknesses to adapt perfectly to the user's head.

  • Remove by removing the back first
  • Reposition by inserting the front side first

Speaker pockets

Integrated communication systems are very popular, but the problem is often that space for speakers is limited or simply not there, thus causing annoying pressure points on the ears. Featuring special speaker pockets, offering installation space without compromising on comfort or fit. (Speakers not included).

Inner shell optimized for ventilation

Guide the airflow inside the helmet to the extractor.

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