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One-piece full-grain cowhide leather suit with perforations, aluminum shoulder plates and aerodynamic hump designed to hold a waterbag kit. The Dainese racing icon.
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The iconic racing leather suit, the essence of Dainese.

Laguna Seca 5 is the latest evolution of the legendary Dainese one-piece suit, made entirely from premium full-grain cowhide leather, ready to face any challenge on the track with the confidence of champions. Its structure was conceived to give maximum freedom of movement on the saddle. Its superior ergonomics ensure the highest level of safety: exclusive Dainese Tri-Axial system on the back and three-way stretch leather inserts allow for perfect mobility while guaranteeing the same level of abrasion resistance as the other leather layers. Inserts in XF Arrow, the cutting-edge Dainese material blending great elasticity and wearability with the resistance of leather, for enhanced mobility.

Safety is guaranteed by protectors in composite material on elbows and knees, soft Pro-Shape 2.0 protectors on the hips, and by the exclusive construction of the floating shoulder with replaceable and customizable composite protectors and aluminum plates. The metal shoulder plates – a Dainese hallmark and exclusive patent – help the rider to slide in the event of a fall and reduce the risk of dangerous rolling. This is a crucial difference with respect to plastic materials, which wear out faster through abrasion as they have greater grip on the asphalt.

The revolutionary D-Tec Racing Core interior, easily detachable and washable, guarantees a new level of breathability and comfort, with perforation placed in the most strategic areas of the suit offering optimal ventilation during sessions held even during the hottest days.

This suit is ready to compete. The RSS 3.0 system features wide dual compound sliders, firmly secured to the suit yet quickly replaceable. The aerodynamic hump is built to hold a waterbag kit, so that the integrated water system developed for all world championship suits can be fitted. This system is connected to a compatible helmet, allowing professional riders to effortlessly drink during any stage of the competition and guaranteeing perfect hydration at all times.

For even more accurate motorcycle handling, the inner sides of the knees are fitted with the innovative KGI system, special inserts ensuring the most secure grip to tackle even the most extreme bends in total safety.



The use of metal inserts made of titanium, steel, aluminum or special alloys offers greater abrasion resistance in the joint areas of the body, reduces the risk of dangerous twists and/or tumbling during a fall, and distributes impact force over a wider surface area.


Dainese patented a new design of the second-generation RSS slider system. The new product features a re-engineered slider profile and elbow construction, plus seamlessly integrated titanium armor for a substantial reduction in weight, improved fit and usability. Moreover, an innovative quick-release system makes replacing the slider quick, simple and reliable.


Suit To Boot Fastening System is an exclusive Dainese patent. This technology allows for the boots to be worn under a dedicated suit. It has been developed to guarantee the best level of safety, as it reduces the number of garment parts that might get caught in the motorcycle during a fall. The technology also ensures better aerodynamics and comfort thanks to the reduction of the boots‘ volume and the increased adherence of the rider‘s leg to the vehicle.



Tutu leather is a cowhide leather developed and engineered to ensure high performance levels in terms of abrasion, tear, cut, and traction resistance. Selected premium quality raw materials guarantee extreme comfort, while ensuring the best performance even when exposed to extreme conditions thanks to its water- and oil-repellent properties.


Triaxial is a Dainese patented technology, the evolution of the bi-axial concept. This special construction creates a continuous elasticated channel that can stretch in three directions, offering unprecedented mobility, exceptional comfort and agility as it follows the rider’s movements in every direction. Additional stitching has been removed to decrease the risk of abrasion, and to significantly improve safety.


Elasticated inserts positioned in the most strategic locations that improve the garment’s capacity for adaptation to the body as it changes shape and moves while riding.


This Dainese patented technology has raised safety and comfort to new levels: it consists of one large panel in leather with elasticated bellows stretching perpendicularly in two directions, width and length, offering the wearer greater freedom of movement in the kidney area (when hunched over the fuel tank) as well as in the chest area and arms.


S1 fabric was developed to improve comfort and also to facilitate airflow through the garment. This material is made of elastomer coated with cordura polyamide, which gives it unmatched mechanical strength and elastic properties to guarantee excellent comfort levels. Nanotechnologies are applied to ensure the best water-/oil-repellent properties.



Dainese patented technology that allows to localize perforation only in those areas where aeration is absolutely necessary and away from seams, guaranteeing greater safety and comfort.


Designed and tested to meet the needs of racers like Valentino Rossi, this special three-dimensional fabric enables an air chamber to be created between the inside and the outside of the garment; this chamber forms an insulating liner that maintains an ideal microclimate during both summer and winter.


1 inner pocket

2 Zips calf construction with Boots-in system

D-Tec Racing Core: fully removable and washable inner suit

Interchangeable knee sliders

KGI: Knee Grip Insert technology

prEN 17092 certified motorbike protective professional Suit

Protection & Cleaning Kit

RSS 3.0: Replaceable Slider System

Seamless thermoformed soft inserts

Suit bag provided

Waterbag kit ready


Aerodynamic spoiler

Arrow XF knee ergonomic construction

Elasticated inserts

Elasticated performance wrists construction

Leather zip-hook for frontal closure

Microelastic 2.0

Neck comfort construction

Suit to boot fastening system

Tri-axial elasticated system on the back



Premium full grain cowhide leather

S1 bielastic fabric

Tutu cowhide leather


Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard on elbows

Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard on knees

Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard on shoulders

Floating racing shoulder construction with replaceable aluminum plate

Pro-Shape 2.0 : soft protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard on hips

Seamless aluminum plates on elbows


3D-Bubble fabric inserts

Breathable mesh lining

Localized perforation

Sizes displayed on the website are European sizes

Motorbike Suits: Man




Chest circumference

The measurement of the chest in its maximum extension during normal breathing, measured with the person standing, passing the measuring tape horizontally around the torso over the scapula bones (the shoulder blades) and just under the armpits.


Sleeve length from shoulder (arm straight)

The distance from the most protruding point of the shoulder to the wrist (on the end of the Ulna bone), measured with the arm relaxed at the person's side.


Neck circumference

The circumference measured at 2 cm below the Adam's apple in the front, and at the 7th cervical vertebra in the back (i.e. NOT horizontally).


Waist circumference

The circumference measured horizontally around the waist, just above the highest point of each of the iliac crest bones, during normal breathing, on the person standing, with a relaxed abdomen.


Hip circumference

The measurement taken horizontally around the hips, at the most protruding part of the buttocks (the peak when viewed from the side), or the most protruding part of the hips if more pronounced than buttocks.


Crotch to ground

The distance between the lowest point of the trunk and the soles of the feet (without shoes), measured perpendicular to the ground, with the person standing straight, feet shoulder width apart, and the weight of the body evenly distributed on the two legs.

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