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Arai PROFILE-V full face helmet ECE 22-05 approved
Original Product Arai
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ECE / UN 22-05

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The approval is valid only for the countries of the European Union



Thanks to its aggressive and original look, the level of protection it is able to offer and the exclusive technical characteristics, it represents the ideal solution for those who want to become part of the Arai family. Like any other helmet made by Arai, Profile-V is equipped with an extremely rigid and resistant outer shell, designed to divert the energy of any impacts due to obstacles and to prevent the creation of dangerous rotational forces; the inner shell is instead made of EPS with different densities in a single piece (Arai world exclusive) to absorb and store the impact energy.

Thanks to the new VAS (Variable Axis System) visor system we have managed to make the replacement of the visor even easier by bringing the shape of Profile-V closer and closer to that of the perfect shell, even smoother and more resistant in the area of the temples and wider in the lower area, to make fitting and removal of the helmet even easier. Profile-V is equipped with two intake vents in the upper part of the shell, two Brow Vent vents integrated into the visor, a three-position chin guard vent and five extractors. It is equipped as standard with a VAS Max Vision Pinlock Ready visor whose opening and locking mechanism has been inherited directly from Formula1 and can be fitted with the Pro Shade System; The cheek pads and part of the inner cap are removable, washable, customizable and provide for the housing of an intercom system. Your Arai experience starts here.


Outer shell: PB e-cLc (Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction)

The Profile-V shell is made using the Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction (PB e-cLc) construction technique which offers an excellent compromise between stiffness, strength and weight; it is designed to divert the energy of an impact without creating dangerous grips and to distribute it over as large a surface as possible. Thanks to the new materials that have replaced the AR-Mat, the Profile-V shell is considerably lighter than that of Axces-3 while maintaining the same resistance performance as the PB-cLc construction.

Variable Axis System (VAS)

With the VAS system, the position of the visor mechanism is lowered, offering an average of 24mm of extra space in the temple area, looking for an ideal shape as smooth and round as possible that increases the ability to divert energy. This results in a larger portion of the shell being smoother and more durable along and above the Snell standard test line.


Profile-V Ventilation

Ventilation is guaranteed by 11 air intakes with 5 entry points and 6 emission points. The two upper intake air intakes, two Brow Vents and the 3-position chin guard air intake ensure the constant entry of fresh air inside the shell while the rear air intakes (three upper and two lateral) they generate a low pressure zone that forces the extraction of hot air from inside the helmet. The use of special absorbent sponges minimizes the noise generated by the ventilation system and the air intake housed on the neck-pad further increases the volume of hot air extracted.

Front ventilation

Double entrance

Designed for increased airflow and reduced noise, it allows fresh air to enter inside.

Front air intakes

Fresh air can enter directly into the forehead area and temples without the need to drill holes in this critical area of the shell and in the impact liner.

Three-position ventilation hole on the chin guard

The three-position ventilation hole on the chin guard helps demist the visor and ensures fresh air for the user.

Rear ventilation

Neck air exhaust

To improve the escape of hot air from the inside. Increases the effect of ventilation in the lower part of the helmet.

One-piece rear air vent

It extracts more hot air from inside the helmet and improves aerodynamics.

Rear ventilation: Side air outlets

They create low pressure behind the rear ventilation hole for better hot air extraction. Integrated into the shell for better aerodynamics, they reduce noise and avoid vibrations due to speed. Inside, a small foam rubber barrier helps absorb and reduce excessive noise, without compromising the effectiveness of ventilation.


VAS Max Vision visor with De-Mist function

The VAS MAX Vision visor is standard to offer better visibility in every season and type of driving.

Visor closing system

Directly inherited from our F1 helmet, the visor opening-closing system works on three axes and in the locked position, seals the visor like never before. Lifting it with a simple gesture (even with gloves) it is possible to activate the de-mist function or open the visor completely.


Interchangeable internal cheek pads

The cheek pads can be easily removed. All interiors (even non-removable ones) can be washed with warm water and neutral soap. Rinse well after washing and never dry in direct sunlight or near heat sources. All removable interiors can be customized with different sizes / thicknesses to adapt perfectly to the user's head.

  • Remove by removing the back first
  • Reposition by inserting the front side first

Removable internal cap

The central padding remains fixed in position but the inner cap is easily removable for cleaning thanks to a practical Velcro system

Speaker pockets

Integrated communication systems are very popular, but the problem is often that space for speakers is limited or simply not there, thus causing annoying pressure points on the ears. Featuring special speaker pockets, offering installation space without compromising on comfort or fit. (Speakers not included).

Facial Contour System (FCS)

To offer a further improved fit and increase comfort in the jaw area, the Facial Contour System (FCS) uses a foam support in the cheek pads that maximizes adherence, providing the necessary support without exerting excessive pressure.


Chinstrap (fixed)

Installed at the base of the helmet, the chin strap helps to further accentuate the egg shape and maximize aerodynamic efficiency. The chin strap blocks the entry of air from the lower part of the chin guard and at the same time creates a depression area to increase the FFS extraction function by forcing the extraction of air from the mouth area. The ventilation system further reduces noise.

5mm wider shell

The new shell design features a 5mm wider base to make it even easier to put on and take off the helmet.

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